Diversity Drives Excellence: Empathy and kindness guide Ivy Bell's work at the Health Hub

The community health worker connects East End residents to the very resources she benefited from over a decade ago

Diversity Drives Excellence: Building community through dance

With their “Hoptown” immersive performance, iCubed professor MK Abadoo uses sistering circles to create intergenerational connections

Equity and Access Services publishes its first annual report

Core values of “empathy, humility and gratitude” are fundamental to the program’s human-centered approach to civil rights

Equity and Access Services leads the accessibility charge

University’s inaugural chief accessibility officer striving to make VCU a top accessibility urban campus

Diversity Drives Excellence: Goode Makes VCU Better

From the MLK vigil to the Men of Color Initiative, Carlton Goode brings a positive attitude to making change

Lactation policy helps support parents in the VCU community

New policy and lactation room reviews are latest additions to resources Equity and Access Services offers to support pregnancy and parenthood

Lingold's sound studies unearth histories of the African Atlantic

The English professor interprets Atlantic Africans’ musical performances and what they might have meant to the people performing them

Smithers brings contemporary understanding to indigenous heritage

The professor of history works to provide “intellectual multivitamins” to students and readers, inspiring them to do their own research

Inclusive Excellence

VCU honors and celebrates the diversity of identities and perspectives of its students, faculty and staff. Our diverse community drives innovation, creativity and collaboration across disciplines and serves the common good. VCU’s dedication to supporting inclusive environments is reflected in our Quest 2028 theme, Diversity Driving Excellence, and honors a healthy organizational culture that strengthens productivity, wellness and success for students, faculty and staff.

- Dr. Faye Belgrave, Vice President for Inclusive Excellence and Chief Diversity Officer