The Division for Inclusive Excellence uses Climatext (pronounced Cli-mat-ix) to assess campus climate on an ongoing basis. Unlike traditional climate surveys, which are expensive and administered infrequently, Climatext allows for repeated assessments on how employee and student populations in the VCU community are feeling in general or about specific topics.

How it works

Registration for Climatext begins in fall 2019. Once enrolled, you then will be randomly selected to receive a question on how they're feeling about VCU on that particular day. You can respond by sending back words, numbers or even emojis. Responses are anonymous and we do not share anyone's personal information. Our division collects and analyzes this data, and relays it back to the community in a meaningful and engaging way. 

How to sign up

Climatext is available only to VCU students during the Fall 2019 semester; and to the rest of the campus community in Spring 2020.

For questions about the program, email