VCU Staff Senate proudly presents: Employee Appreciation Week, March 6-10

February 28, 2017

VCU Staff Senate is pleased to announce Employee Appreciation Week, March 6-10, 2017. We are fortunate this year to offer a week of fun and engaging activities to thank VCU employees for the hard work they do in supporting the mission of VCU and VCU Health.
This year's Appreciation Week activities include:  the Krispy Kreme Cruiser on both campuses, office visits from Rodney Ram and Staff Senators, a free tour of the Capitol Building, the Cabell Library Open House event, library tours on both the MP and MCV campuses, free memberships during Employee Appreciation week from VCU Recreational Sports, and discounts at Ram Tech and the VCU Barnes and Noble! More information about Employee Appreciation Week is available here
The capstone event of Employee Appreciation Week is the 2017 Professional Development Conference, which will take place Wednesday and Thursday, March 8 & 9. This year's registration has already exceeded expectations. We will have experts from VCU and beyond discussing topics that are important in professional development at every level. The VCU Staff Senators have spent many volunteer hours to make this YOUR conference.
VCU Staff Senate hopes to see you at these events and look forward to thanking you - in person - for all that you do for VCU and VCU Health.