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Equality VCU is a collaborative, advisory and advocacy body representing the aspirations and concerns of the lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans*, queer, questioning, intersex/DSD, and asexual peoples and their allies (LGBTQQIAA) affiliated with Virginia Commonwealth University.  We are affiliated with the VCU Inclusive Excellence and the Q Collective.

This group serves to advance the university’s strong commitment to fully realizing the many benefits of our diversity. Equality VCU envisions a teaching, learning and working environment where LGBTQQIAA individuals are integrated into all aspects of the intellectual life and social fabric of the university, have equal access to resources and services, and receive equitable treatment as members of the university community.

To contact Equality VCU or join our listserv, please email equality@vcu.edu.
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Events and Projects We Support

Meeting Schedule for Current Semester

Our meetings are currently held on the first Thursday of the month from noon-1pm. Attendees can connect remotely via Zoom. VCU faculty and staff who are interested in attending a meeting are welcome to do so. No RSVP is required, but if you have questions or would like to introduce yourself ahead of time, you can contact us at equality@vcu.edu. Request to join our listserv to receive meeting and event information in your inbox.

Meeting Minutes

Meeting minutes will be posted as they are made available.

Burnside Watstein Awards

The LGBTQ Burnside Watstein Award is given annually to recognize individuals who enrich the sense of community at Virginia Commonwealth University and make a significant difference in the lives of LGBTQ faculty, staff and students.

2021 Recipients
Lane B. Carasik, Ph.D.
Eli Coston, Ph.D.
Harris Erickson
Brenae Flournoy

Past Recipients

2020 Recipients
Gabriel Arrington, Brooke Taylor, B. Ethan (bee) Coston

Caroline Richards, Ying-Chao Kao, & Jay White

Afton Bradley, Alexa Santisteban, & Archana Pathak

Tommy Otterbine, Bailey “Lee” Biggs, & George Kelly

Lucky Turner, Brenda Kriegel, Walter Foery, Frances Stewart, Attalah Shabazz, Sharon Talarico, & Jane Firer

Jacob Jaminet, R. Dale Smith, & Shan Davis

Kevin Harris, Kyle Nicholas Daileda, & Leticia Flores

2013 (fall)
Lisa Furr, Jeff Wing, & Caitlin Tolson

2013 (spring)
Hermelinda Cortes, Tracey Gendron, & Elizabeth Cramer

Morgan Krug, Dorothy E. Fillmore, & Donna E. Coghill

Kanwar Singh, Liz Canfield, & Stephen Gottredson

Janice H. Altman, Emmett Hickam, & Sara Watson

Tarynn Witten, Xavier Guadalupe, & Ryan O’Donnell

Cindy Andrews, Jon Klein, Rachel Kopelovich, Martha Moon & Amanda (Zoë) Reidinger

Mike Fuller, Jeremy Kidd & Scott Whitlow