Q Collective

The Queer Research and Advocacy Center at VCU, known as the Q Collective, is a creative and intellectual hub in support of LGBTQIA+ artistic and scholarly activities among faculty, staff, students and the Greater Richmond community. We aim to establish VCU as a national leader in a rapidly growing and evolving field.

Scholarship and advocacy

The Q Collective supports LGBTQIA+ scholarship and advocacy though a multi-pronged focus on research, creative expression and education. 

We continue to help build the critical mass of scholars and teachers who are focused on LGBTQIA+ advocacy and inclusion. Momentum has gathered in recent years to increase VCU’s investment in LGBTQIA+ studies. This includes:

Communication and collaboration

While there are many people in the VCU community doing excellent LGBTQIA+ research and advocacy work, even those who are involved don’t always see what's being done in other departments and units.

The Q collective will help bridge this gap by: 

  • Informing the community on the scholarship and work being done at VCU
  • Creating opportunities for collaboration among faculty, staff and students 
  • Raising awareness about resources

Community engagement

The Q Collective will not be an isolated institution. The center will form partnerships with academic and non-academic units and provide opportunities for the entire community. This includes:

  • Engaging the broader LGBTQIA+ community on campus and in the Richmond community
  • Providing community partners with resources and opportunities 

National prominence

The Q Collective will continue to elevate VCU to a position of national prominence in this important area of work. The center will stand out on the national higher education landscape as a rare effort to merge research, scholarship, creativity and advocacy to bring greater awareness to issues that affect LGBTQIA+ populations and communities. 

Key partners  

Q Collective committee members 

Richard Godbeer, Ph.D.
Kathleen Ingram, Ph.D.
Laura Rugless
Jeff Wing
Kevin Allison, Ph.D.

VCU organizations

Equality VCU
Queer Action (student group)
oSTEM (student group)

Community organizations

Diversity Richmond
Equality VA
Side by Side
Virginia Anti-Violence Project
Richmond-area LGBTQ Leadership council