Institutes and centers

Franklin Street Buildings, Stagg House, 912 W. Franklin Street in foreground

VCU's Office of Institutional Equity, Effectiveness and Success supports the work of several institutes and centers that promote diversity and inclusion through research, education, advocacy and community partnerships. 


VCU's Institute for Inclusion, Inquiry and Innovation, or iCubed, invests in academic and research programs that help solve challenging and persistent problems in urban communities. These programs draw stakeholders from diverse backgrounds and set the stage for university and community partnerships where all perspectives are valued.

El Centro Latinx/Chicanx

El Centro Latinx/Chicanx empowers VCU and the broader community through Latinx/Chicanx scholarship, advocacy and personal/socio-cultural and professional development.

VCU Health Hub at 25th

The VCU Health Hub at 25th is a health education and wellness activity center in Richmond's East End. The center provides activities that promote individual and community health and well-being while learning together. Programs are free and delivered by VCU faculty, staff and students; VCU Health team members; or community partners.

Mary and Frances Youth Center

The Mary and Frances Youth Center provides programming and training to enhance the lives of youth in the Richmond metro area. The center, located at 120 South Linden St., consists of two private tennis courts and classrooms designed for youth programming and youth-centered training.

Q Collective

The Queer Research and Advocacy Center, known as the Q Collective, is a creative and intellectual hub that supports LGBTQIA+ artistic and scholarly activities among faculty, staff, students and the Greater Richmond community.