Students and facilitators during a RAMmalogues session

IExcel develops and implements innovative educational programs for faculty, staff and students related to emergent trends in diversity and inclusion.

  • IExcel Education is a series of innovative educational programs related to emergent trends in diversity and inclusion. Visit now to browse the descriptions of our D&I courses. Please contact us to request a course for your unit, group or class.
  • RAMmalogues - RAMmalogues provides a braver/safer space for us to have the hard conversations about our social identities and lived experiences at VCU in everyday life as well as during periods of crisis.
  • IExcel Mentoring consists of 20 mentoring networks that meet bi-weekly, outside the classroom to share perspectives on a broad range of interests including dreams, aspirations, academics, current events, family, professional pursuits and other similar topics.

Pictured above is a RAMmalogues session for students that was held in person prior to the pandemic.
At this time, all RAMmalogues sessions are held remotely (via Zoom).