Diversity awards

In addition to the Presidential Awards for Community Multicultural Enrichment and the LGBTQIA+ Burnside Watstein Award, which are sponsored by the Virginia Commonwealth University Division of Inclusive Excellence, VCU offers several awards programs to recognize its employees and students who are committed to advancing diversity, including:

  • Black History in the Making awards
    The Black History in the Making awards, created by the Department of African American Studies, are presented to students who exhibit outstanding achievement or service in academics, career, university or community.
  • VCU Dining Services Multicultural Scholarship
    This program is funded by Aramark Educational Services LLC and awards $2,500 scholarships to students who have demonstrated outstanding academic scholarship in the classroom, as well as leadership in diversity efforts at VCU.
  • VCU Scholarship for the Advancement of Women
    This award, sponsored by proceeds generated by the sale of graduation-related items through the Jostens Company, recognizes an extraordinary undergraduate student whose hard work benefits, promotes and advances women and/or women’s issues with a $2,500 scholarship.