Equity and Access Services

Malorie Yeaman, Title IX Coordinator and Director of Outreach and Support

Malorie Yeaman, J.D.

Job title: Title IX coordinator and director of outreach and support
Telephone: (804) 828-1347
Patrick Noonan, Director of EEO and Affirmative Action Programs

Patrick Noonan, J.D.

Job title: Director of EEO and affirmative action programs
Headshot of Kanisha Adkins

Kanisha L. Adkins, J.D.

Job title: Senior civil rights investigator
Headshot of David Gardner from the shoulders up smiling in a business casual jacket and necktie.

David Gardner

Job title: Senior civil rights investigator
Telephone: (804) 828-0660
Headshot of Alazzia Hasty

Alazzia Hasty, J.D.

Job title: Civil rights investigator
Charles Johnson headshot

Charles Johnson

Job title: Training and compliance manager
Telephone: (804) 828-2841

Charles Johnson (he/him) brings more than 15 years of nonprofit experience working with youth to the position, including work in juvenile justice, public health and experiential education. Prior to his current role, Johnson managed a continuous quality improvement intervention for local youth serving organizations. Johnson is certified as a Trauma Informed Care trainer, in addition to certifications from the David P. Weikart Center in Youth Work Methods and Social and Emotional Learning.

Formal picture of Dana O'Connell, ADA Specialist in Equity and Access Services

Dana Lippman

Job title: ADA specialist
Headshot of Dana King

Dana V. King, MSW

Job title: Intake and informal resolution specialist
Headshot of Shannon Papalia

Shannon Papalia

Job title: Civil rights case coordinator
Beth Paris, Civil Rights Investigator, Title IX

Beth Paris

Job title: Civil rights investigator, Title IX
Formal picture of Melanie Pringle, Title IX Case coordinator

Melanie Pringle

Job title: Title IX case coordinator
Telephone: (804) 828-0538

Melanie (she/her) has been working with mission-based organizations in nonprofit, government, and education for more than 8 years. She has a Master's in Women's and Gender Studies and has held positions in human services, research, reproductive justice, and anti-domestic violence advocacy.

Headshot of Sara Roan from the shoulders up smiling.

Sara Roan

Job title: EAS senior specialist
Telephone: (804) 827-9987
Headshot of Katy Washington

Katy Washington, J.D., Ph.D.

Job title: Chief accessibility officer, serving as the ADA/Section 504 coordinator