Communications and Information Management

The Communications and Information Management unit collects and analyzes data from VCU Institutional Research and Decision Support and communicates it to the VCU community and external audiences.

Our office is comprised of diversity and inclusion thought leaders, data scientists and research analysts who translate complex data into clear and compelling communication briefs, digital interactives and infographics that reveal institutional effectiveness in areas related to:

  • Faculty, staff and student success
  • Performance and satisfaction
  • Organizational and workplace culture

We're developing a comprehensive content strategy across multiple channels and audiences that will educate and inform people about the Office of Institutional Equity, Effectiveness and Success and its initiatives and programs. 

We also manage internal and external communications, website updates, content creation, writing, graphic design, digital marketing and digital media. 

Lastly, we lead, initiate, define and develop original research projects addressing institutional questions and issues.