Diversity and Inclusion Model

Excellence means results. It means comprehensive.

VCU is pursuing results-oriented, diversity and inclusion goals through a comprehensive model that spans the university community.

What does the model look like?

A research university like VCU — one that is focused on innovation and opportunities — provides a place for people to be challenged and to respond to difficult issues, such as racism, sexism and other forms of inequities. Discrimination or the absence of inclusiveness causes individuals to question themselves, and erodes trust in the institutional commitment to offer a welcoming and nurturing climate for growth and development. These are difficult topics, but VCU is a fertile environment where ideas and skills can be cultivated for a future when communities will flourish by understanding, embracing and celebrating diversity.

 Diversity and Inclusion Model illustrating the framework for advisory groups, strategies and initiatives related to diversity and inclusive excellence.

Our commitment 

To create and sustain an inclusive culture, VCU’s leadership is committed to an environment where:

  • People feel safe to express themselves candidly
  • People listen to and hear each other with understanding
  • Issues and concerns are dealt with directly and fairly
  • Hiring and retention efforts increase traditionally under-represented and under-served faculty, staff, and administrators who are increasing minorities and women
  • All employees, led by their supervisor, are responsible for creating a trusting and inclusive culture, and holding themselves accountable for bringing about positive cultural and workplace change

Who is leading the charge?

This strategy is being led by the Division for Inclusive Excellence, and is supported by the Council of Inclusive Excellence & Equity (CIEE) and the newly created President’s Action Group on Diversity and Inclusion (PAGDI). Both groups were appointed by President Rao to complete the specific charge for advancing diversity, equity and inclusion at VCU and VCU Health.

Every member of the university community has a stake in VCU’s achievement of inclusive excellence. This comprehensive diversity and inclusion model challenges all members of the VCU and VCU Health community to embrace diversity and inclusion as a core value and to strategically coordinate efforts and initiatives to make inclusive excellence real at VCU.