Fourth Annual Institute on Inclusive Teaching

May 23, 2016

The fourth annual Institute on Inclusive Teaching, May 23-27, 2016, will offer a range of opportunities, strategies, and techniques for addressing the inclusiveness of courses, curricula, programs, and services.  The IIT will feature author and expert Dr. Mathew Ouellett, associate provost and director of Teaching and Learning at Wayne State University, as facilitator-in-residence. Dr. Zewelanji Serpell will present her research on stereotype threat and solo status, and Reverend Ben Campbell, author and historian, will lead the retreat.

Several pre-institute events have also been planned, including one led by Dr. Adrienne Dessel, co-associate director of The Program on Intergroup Relations at the University of Michigan’s Institute on Inclusive Teaching. More information is available here.

Inaugural VCU Health Sciences Admission Symposium

May 23, 2016

The inaugural VCU Health Sciences Admission Symposium provides a multi-professional setting to offer VCU admissions committee members, faculty, and staff, innovative approaches that address the inclusiveness of admissions practices.  Keynote speaker, Dr. Wanda Lipscomb, Senior Associate Dean for Diversity and Inclusion, Student Affairs, College of Medicine at Michigan State University, will address recruitment challenges for health professions schools, strategies to develop more diverse applicant pools, and the role that non-cognitive factors and bias may play in the admissions process.
For information and registration:

Exploring the Power of Coming Together: the 2016 Greater Richmond Society of Human Resource Management and VCU Diversity and Inclusion Symposium

July 13, 2016

Exploring the Power of Coming Together, the second annual Greater Richmond Society of Human Resource Management and VCU Diversity and Inclusion Symposium, 2016, will be held July 13th-14th at the Siegel Center, Virginia Commonwealth University. The symposium features speakers: Tony Byers, director of Global Diversity and Inclusion at Starbucks; Lenore Pearlstein, owner and publisher of Insight into Diversity magazine; and Dr. Steve Robbins, innovator of the concept of unintentional intolerance. For more information visit the Greater Richmond SHRM symposium website at:

Luncheon for Women and Underrepresented Minority Department Chairs

April 29, 2016

The VCU Office of Faculty Affairs will host a luncheon and panel discussion on Friday, April 29 from12 noon-2:00pm, for women and underrepresented minority department chairs to engage in meaningful discussion around issues of special concern to women and/or minority departmental leaders.

Location is Commonwealth Ballroom A at the University Student Commons, Monroe Park campus.  Please RSVP by 4/26, 5:00pm, to Jenn Arce:  For additional information contact Jenn at: (804) 828-6162.  Luncheon for Women and Underrepresented Minority Department Chairs.

Journey to Cultural Competence

January 5, 2016

The Division for Inclusive Excellence, Diversity Education and Retention Initiatives presents workshops and sessions throughout 2016 designed to increase our cultural awareness, challenge biases, and enhance understanding.  Sessions include:

Microaggressions in the Workplace and Classroom: Exploring the Impact of Everyday Slights and Insults:  Session participants will increase their awareness of, and knowledge about, microaggressions and their impact. Participants will also explore ways to address microaggressions in their everyday lives.

Unconscious Bias: Session participants will explore the impact of, and negative effects of, biases in the workplace.  Participants will utilize the Implicit Association Test to probe their unconscious bias and develop awareness of implicit preferences and stereotypes

Inclusive Excellence:  Making It Real:  Participants in this session will gain a better understanding of the concept of Inclusive Excellence, and review the value and benefits of a diverse working and learning environment.  Participants will also be made aware of resources and opportunities at VCU to increase awareness, knowledge and skills about self and others.  

To register for any of the above noted sessions go to: and search by sponsor:  Diversity Education and Retention.  

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